Quarter Life Crisis

Our 20s and 30s are rife with change. Moving from school to the work force, relocations, relationship status changes, new parenthood, you name it. There is not a period of time in a lifetime that is more ungrounded and uprooting than this one. That's even when things are going as planned. 

There are also changes that we don't plan. Grief, trauma, family concerns, etc. Many of us in our 20s and 30s are unprepared for how socially isolated we might suddenly feel, just due to how busy life is during this stage. 

Therapy can be that safe place for you to explore feelings and thoughts you may not feel comfortable sharing with your friends or family. It is the place to feel understood when it seems no one else can. It is a place where you can heal, grow, learn, and get clarity. It is a place where you can discover yourself. 

With a holistic approach, I will help you explore the interconnectedness of your thoughts and emotions with your physical health and spiritual wellbeing. I believe in order to live in harmony with the outer world, we need to be in harmony with ourselves. 


“We are not what happened to us, 
we are what we wish to become.” 

Carl Gustav Jung



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