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Find Your Self in Nature

Scientific studies are revealing time and again about the therapeutic benefits of being in nature. Science is only starting to catch up to what philosophers, shamans, spiritual leaders, and naturalists have been saying for decades: Our disconnection from nature is making us sick. Connecting with nature helps us feel better. 

In these turbulent times, we are in desperate need of connection and we long for the feeling of Home in the deepest sense of the word. As humans, we have lost our way. But the answer is all around us. We need to break free from the walls of our own making (literally and figuratively) so that we can experience a connection to the Great Mystery that surrounds us.

I cannot think of a better time, yes especially in COVID times, to break free even from the therapy office. I am now offering ecotherapy, or walk-and-talk therapy, in the wonderful outdoors.

I will walk beside you, listen empathically, invite you to tune into your body, your senses, your surroundings, and attune to the messages from the environment. Nature responds to our deepest longings in the form of animal encounters and metaphors. I will guide you on how to make meaning from your outdoor experiences and how to apply them to your life's questions.

If this form of therapy is of interest to you, please let me know when we speak. In the interest of safety and in an abundance of caution, I will ask you some questions to determine if this form of therapy is appropriate for you.

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"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."




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