COVID-19 and Emotional Wellness

Embracing This Moment While Keeping Safe

These are uncertain and unprecedented times. I cannot recall another time in my own life where, as a global collective, we are all faced with the same existential threats to our physical and financial survival. This is all compounded with being forced into social isolation. Our need for mental health services at this moment in time cannot be overstated. 

We have all readjusted our lives to ensure the safety of ourselves, our loved ones and our community. In doing so, we have taken up new roles in helping and caring for others. Perhaps you are now educating your children, supporting your team at work to moving online, being a pillar of strength and emotional support to family and friends, all while trying to find time to stay physically healthy and sane at the same time. 

This is a particularly challenging time for empaths. You are deeply attuned to all the anxiety and fear of those around you and in the collective, the grief over lives lost, political and racial tensions, and the unknown the future holds. You are feeling all of it. Are you making space for yourself? 

This experience holds an opportunity for us all. There is no doubt in my own mind that we are in the throes of a collective transformation. It is not a question of IF things will change forever, rather, it is a question of HOW. The good news is, in embracing this opportunity, you hold the keys to your own transformation. In embracing this moment for what it is, in facing all the darkness and seeing it through to the other side, I have hope that we can all consciously choose what we want our new normal to be and to write a new chapter in history. 

I would be honored to walk beside you on this journey so that we can discover together what that means for you in your own life. There is no question that this experience may be traumatizing for you in some way. There is space for you to heal and become anew. 

Schedule your free 20 minute consultation and we can move through this experience together. My services at this time are 100% online in the interest of safety for all. 

***In my deep gratitude for those sacrificing their wellbeing in service to others, I am offering low cost/pro bono sessions to healthcare workers, frontline grocery staff, and also those impacted financially by COVID-19.*** 

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