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Online Therapy

Can only steal an hour from work but no time to drive to and from your appointment? Childcare constraints? Live in California? Travel for work? At home sick? I got you covered. Offering video sessions to CA and NC residents with an easy to use, confidential, and HIPAA compliant video platform. 

I am licensed in both California and North Carolina which enables me to provide online services to residents in both states. 

Teletherapy is gaining popularity in the mental health world and it is no surprise as more and more services are provided virtually. 

Online therapy offers: 


Especially when time constrains our ability to commute to and from a professional office. 

Scheduling flexibility

The 3 hour time difference between the East and West coasts allows more options for scheduling, making sessions before your morning commute an option, for example. 

If you forget to leave enough time to drive to your appointment, you can also avoid your cancellation fee by simply switching your appointment to online. 


Experience the depth that therapy can offer in the safety and comfort of your own home. 


With fluctuating schedules, inclement weather, and illness, you don't have to miss your regular appointment. 

Please reach out if you have any questions about how this works!






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